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Link with hundreds of your colleagues nationwide for in-the-trenches solutions and practical answers to day-to-day operating dilemmas. Pose questions about Private Duty home health policies, billing and reimbursement challenges, ethical delimmas, staffing and more. In return get uncensored guidance and answers delivered right to your e-mail box from colleagues who walk in your shoes everyday. Plus, see what's keeping other private duty professionals awake at night.

This exclusive network is part of the Private Duty Insider Total Information Service. If you are not a subscriber, you're missing out on decision-critical information focused soley on the need of non-Medicare home health providers including access to this listserv, monthly issues of Private Duty Insider newsletter complete with ready-to-use management tools and documents, discounted VIP entry to the Private Duty Advanced Training Annual Meeting & Expo and more. Call 1-888-293-9383 to subscribe.

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